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おしらせ (Information)


This section contains important informations about donations. We ask you to read it before donation.

寄付をしていただくまえに (Before donation)

現在 PayPal のようなオンライン決済サービスを使った個人間の送金(寄付)は日本の法律により可能ではない*みたい*なので、わたしたちは寄付を受け取ることができません。

We are unable to receive donations through online payment services such as "PayPal" as it is not currently possible under Japanese law to transfer money between individuals (donations).


We are also unable to receive any crypt currency.


If you would still like to support our future work, you can donate for us. we appreciate your great supports.

寄付の方法 (How to donate)

現在、わたしたちに寄付していただけるただひとつの方法は Amazonギフト券(Eメールタイプ) を送信することです。

Only way you can currently donate to us is to send "Amazon Gift Cards (E-mail type) []" to us.


You will need to register for a Japan [] account.

寄付者の特典 (Donators' benefits)

👑 "高 額" を送ってくださるかたには些少ですが BypasserExtension および マニュアルコール などで使える APIキー (*1) を進呈しています。

When you send us "L A R G E" amounts, we'll provide the API key (*1) to use with Bypasser, Extension and Manual Calling.

また、"少 額" を送ってくださるかたには限定版のキー(期間やクエリー数に限りがあるもの)を用意しています。(こちらは初回に限り提供させていただいています。)

We'll also provide the key of limited version (limited time/limited number of queries) for "S M A L L" amounts. (Only for the first time.)


Please contact us with e-mail for more details.

その他注意事項 (Note)


Please note that these are not compensation for our service. You will only entrusted the right to use our API, so we donot make any guarantees about the benefits.


Please also see our Terms and Policies.