yuumari.com FAQ

はじめに (Introduction)


In this section you will find FAQs about our site.

Appについて (About for App)

各種アプリケーションの動作確認は Google Chromeを使用しています。

The test of each Apps use the Google Chrome.


It may not work properly with other browsers such as losing styles.


If there is a problem with connections to our sever, such as when loading does not finish, wait for a while and then reload.


Since old cache may remain, reload it with Ctrl + F5 if you think something is wrong.


A fully test is not possible due to we have no enough data.


There may be frequent errors occur.


Depending on the timing, it may not work.


It is often the case that something works in our environment, but not in others.


Sorry if it doesn't work.


Do not have undue expectations or trust in the outcome!


👿 なにがあるの?

What's in this site?

💡 今現在「Bypasser APP」と「EJS Decryptor APP」の2つのアプリがあります。

There are two Apps, "Bypasser APP" and "EJS Decryptor APP".

👿 どうやって使うの?

How to use the APPS?

💡 各ページのガイダンスを参照してください。(Guide for Bypasser APP) (Guide for EJS Decryptor APP)

Please refer to the guidance on each page.

👿 このサイトのようすがなにかへんだよ?

There's something wrong with this site?

💡 アップデートに失敗したりして、サイト全体の動作がおかしくなることが結構あります。ごめんなさい。また後で確認しにきてください;;

There are quite a few times when an update fails and the whole site works wrong, sorry. please check out later.

👿 なんかおもくない?

Too slow!

💡 1コアでがんばってます。

Our server have only 1 core. :P

👿 サポートしたいんだけど?

How to support your project?

💡 各種メッセージは こちら から。また寄付については こちら をご覧ください。

Check the above links out.

👿 バイパサーなどのスクリプトは売ってないの?

Can you sell the scripts of Bypasser or others?

💡 どのスクリプトも個別に販売はおこなっておりません。(💍 ビッグオファーは歓迎します。)

None of the scripts are sold separately. (But if it's a big offer, we welcome it!).